In Onze Natuur

Short documentary & dance film — Director

— A visual portrait of the Dutch in their attempt at mending their broken relationship with nature. They are faced with their most difficult adversary yet: themselves.

In Our Nature revolves around the battle between humans and nature in the Netherlands.
This hybrid of documentary and dance film by filmmakers Jorick Buurstra and Bastiaan de Haas investigates the absurdity of the relationship between man and nature that lies hidden within our way of living. The film shows a humankind that wants to take better care of nature, yet struggles with the conflict between its own prosperity and that of the rest of the ecosystem. Dance scenes show the emotional journey of a dancer who rediscovers her own connection with nature. Slowly but surely she starts to see how her own mindset towards nature is the greatest threat from which she must protect it.

“Dance, Dance, otherwise we are lost.” — Pina Bausch
Winner Best Short Movie

Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano 2022

Official Selection

Amsterdam Lift-Off Global
Network 2022

Official Selection

North Dakota Environmental
Rights Film Festival 2022

Direction & Production — Jorick Buurstra & Bastiaan de Haas
Executive Producer — Ciska Meister
1st Assistant Director — Eloi Genrich
Director of Photography — Jorick Buurstra
Composer — Matthijs van der Wilt
Choreography — Lotte Hamelink
Art Director — Iris Schutgevaar
Art Department — Leone van Leeuwen & Eva Luna van Stigt Thans
Gaffer — Lawrence Lee Kalkman
Best boy — Daan de Graaff
Focus Puller — Felix Dukker
Production Assistants — Yorben den Hartog & Charlotte Maria Schenk
Catering — Jabe Sverre Oost & Miriam Kamermans
Sound — Charlotte Maria Schenk
Editor — Joshua Pinheiro Ferreira
Colorist — Davey Anthony
Title & Graphic Design — Sanya Gurung
Translation — Paula van Rooijen
PMD — Jabe Sverre Oost

With the support of
Stichting Droom and Daad and Municipality Rotterdam.



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